Mary Nolan

Professor of History

Columbia University, PhD 1980

Office Address: 

King Juan Carlos Center, Room 525



Field of Study: 

Modern Europe

Research Interests: 

Europe and America in the Twentieth Century, Cold War, history of Human Rights, Global economy in twentieth century, Modern German history; European women's history

Curriculum Vitae


Mary (Molly) Nolan was trained as a Modern German historian and has written on German social and labor history and on the politics of Holocaust and World War II memory in Germany. She has researched extensively on twentieth-century European-American relations, economic, political and cultural. She has written on anti-Americanism and Americanization in Europe as well as on American anti-Europeanism. She is currently exploring the complex intersections of human rights and neoliberalism from the 1970s on. She teaches classes on the Cold War in Europe and America, Women and Gender in Modern Europe, Human Rights and Humanitarian Interventions, and Consumption and Consumer Culture. She is on the editorial boards of International Labor and Working-class History and of Politics & Society.

Selected Works:


NolanTransatlantic.jpgThe Transatlantic Century: Europe and America, 1890-2010. Cambridge University Press, 2012. 





TheUnivAgainstItselfBOOK.jpgThe University Against Itself: The NYU Strike and the Future of the Academic Workplace, co-edited with Monika Kraus, Michael Palm, Andrew Ross.  Temple University Press, 2008.






GuiltDenialBOOK.jpgCrimes of War: Guilt and Denial in the Twentieth Century, co-edited with Omer Bartov and Atina Grossmann. New Press, 2002.






VisionsofModernityBOOK.jpgVisions of Modernity:  American Business and the Modernization of Germany. Oxford University Press, 1994 






SocialDemBOOK.jpgSocial Democracy and Society: Working-class Radicalism in Düsseldorf, 1890-1920.  Cambridge University Press, 1981 


"Utopian Visions in a Post Utopian Era: Americanism, Human Rights, and Market Fundamentalism,” Central European History, 44 (2011):13-36.  

"The Elusive Pursuit of Truth and Justice: A Review Essay,” Radical History Review,  97,  (winter 2007): 143-154.  

"Varieties of Capitalism and Versionen der Amerikanisierung," in Gibt es einen deutschen Kapitalismus? Tradition und globale Perspektiven der sozialen Marktwirtschaft, ed. by Sigurd Vitols and Volker Berghahn, (Frankfurt: Campus, 2006). 

“Air wars, Memory Wars,” Central European History,  38:1 (March 2005): 7-40. 

 “Ant-Americanism and Americanization in Germany,” Politics and Society 33:1 (March 2005):88-122. 

“Consuming America, Producing Gender,” The American Century in Europe By R. Laurence Moore and Maurizio Vaudagna (Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 2003), 243-61.   

“The Politics of Memory in the Berlin Republic,” Radical History Review, 81 (fall 2001), 113-32.

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