Transitioning from Liberal Studies


Declaring the Major/Minor

To declare the major or minor LS students should fill out the appropriate declaration form for the History Department’s records – even if the student has already been declared on ALBERT at the time of transfer into the College of Arts and Science.

History Major

Transferring Liberal Studies Courses into the Major

Students that transfer from LS to CAS may apply two LS courses toward the major: only Social Foundations I and II (NOT the Non-West Civilization class). Students must take 6 advanced courses so only one more introductory course (below HIST-UA.100) course may be counted toward the major.

  • Social Foundations I fulfills the Pre-1800 requirement.
  • Social Foundations II fulfills the Introductory European requirement.

History Course Planning

Please note that history majors may only transfer 2 courses from other schools or departments to count as history classes, LS students cannot transfer two additional courses as they are already transferring 2 LS courses. Students should look at the Major Planning Form to help plan their schedules.

For more general information about the major and minor please visit the History Undergraduate Program Website.

History Minor

Transferring Liberal Studies Courses into the Major

LS students may count one of the following LS courses as a history minor course:

● Social Foundations I

● Social Foundations II

History minor students may only count one introductory course for the minor therefore; if a student decides to count one of the above courses toward the minor they may not count another introductory course. History minors who have transferred from LS should take only advanced history classes.

AP Credit

AP credit does not count toward the history minor.

History Course Planning

● The history minor does not have any geographical, pre-1800, workshop, or seminar requirements; any 4 history courses may fulfill the minor as long as only one of them is introductory.

● Only 1 course may be double counted between the history minor and another major or minor.

● No Internship, Independent Study, or AP credit will be accepted towards the history minor.