The Minor in History

Declaration Information:

In order to declare you must turn in a minor declaration form to the History Department (King Juan Carlos Center - 53 Washington Square South, Floor 4E)


  • A minimum of 16 points in history (typically 4 courses) with the grade of C or better in each course. (No pass/fail courses may count towards the Major or Minor.)
  • At least 3 advanced-level history courses (course # HIST-UA 100 or above).
  • The 4th course may be introductory level (below HIST-UA 100) or advanced.
  • 3 of the 4 courses must be taken in the NYU History Department.

Important Guidelines:

LS Courses

  • Students that have transferred from LS to CAS may apply one LS course towards their history minor: Social Foundations I or II.  This course will always be counted as introductory.  If you transfer to the History dept from LS, your remaining 3 classes must be advanced and taken within the history dept (HIST-UA 100 or above).

Courses Outside of the History Department

  • Courses cross-listed with the history department and HIST-UA courses taken during study abroad will count towards the history minor.
  • Courses taken within CAS but not cross-listed with the history department must be approved by the DUGS.  Students can petition for up to one course to count towards their minor by bringing the syllabus into the History Department and filling out a course petition application.  No course is guaranteed.

CORE (formerly MAP) Courses / Freshman Honors Seminars / Collegiate Seminars

  • CORE courses (CORE-UA) and Freshman Honors Seminars (FRSEM-UA) can only count towards the history minor if they are taught by a history professor.
  • CORE courses (CORE-UA) and Freshman Honors Seminars (FRSEM-UA) can only count as introductory courses.

Double Counting of Courses

  • Only 1 course may be double counted between the history minor and another major or minor.

Internships, Independent Studies, and AP/IB/A-Level credit

  • No Internship, Independent Study, or AP/IB/A-Level credit will be accepted towards the history minor.

Capstone Seminars

  • History 101 is now a PREREQUISITE for all history Capstone Seminars. Minors DO NOT have to have to take Capstone Seminars. If they are interested in taking a Capstone Seminar, then they must first take History 101 (HIST-UA 101).